Warriorism #5

You can do anything you can set your mind to, and I think that is one example that I will claim. I have shown what a person can do if he puts his mind to it, whether disabled or not. If you have a goal and you strive toward that goal, just the fact of doing it, striving toward it, makes you a better person.

-Mike Reeder - first wheelchair golfer to play at Old Course at St. Andrews and broke 80.

Yes I Can...

I first learned of Generation UCAN from the blog of Bob Seebohar (sports dietician and owner of fuel4mance);  He is doing great stuff with metabolic efficiency which is the concept of training the body to utilize stored fat as energy and preserving limited carbohydrate stores during exercise.   This requires eating less refined carbohydrates ( pasta/bread ) and more complex carbohydrates such as whole grains (containing fiber) fruits, vegetables, and lean protein during your training cycle.

 The caveat to that is you have to tailor (or rather periodize) the portions in alignment with the specific training cycle you are in.  For example, in the base cycle of training for a olympic distance triathlon which emphasizes long, lower intensity workouts you wouldn’t need to eat as many carbs to sustain a training session since you have more than enough fat stores for a 2-3 hr workout.  However, portions may increase when you move into the build portion of training when intensity increases.  During the base period you are training your body to utilize those fat stores for energy during a workout by eating less refined carbohydrates and training at the appropriate intensity level.   The more metabolically efficient you are the more fat you will be able to burn at a higher intensity thus sparing your limited glycogen stores.  The payoff being you won’t have to eat as much during your training session and more importantly, the race. 

I am a believer of this concept and am trying to alter my diet to become more efficient especially since i am training for the Portland Marathon.  Running a good race demands efficiency (technique-wise and nutrition-wise).  So i have been experimenting with my nutrition to figure out what works.  In past years, I have played the same old game:  bagels, pasta, Gu to fuel workouts and recovery.  Typically, i have needed a Gu for a 2 hr workout or race and during my last marathon i had 2 Gu’s and a couple chomps and a chocolate.  

This season i have cut down my refined carbs and increased intake of whole grains (whole grain pasta, brown rice, wheat bread).  Figuring out exactly how much you need is tough and i can’t say i am 100% sure i’m eating too much or too little.  The best method would be to get metabolically tested which i hope to do in the future.

 I am now also trying Generation UCAN which is a powder mix consisting of what they call SuperStarch that you can drink before, during, and after workouts.  According to UCAN, SuperStarch is ground up corn which is cooked in a natural process and when ingested breaks down slowly in the body ( kind of like how time-released medications work) and provides consistent energy .  This low glycemic complex carbohydrate also enables your body to burn more fat by utilizing both fat and carbohydrates for fuel.  Achieving metabolic efficiency means you won’t have to eat as much Gu or other products during the training session and less sugar means less GI distress.  

I’ll update later on how it’s affecting performance.

Funny Video by Tosh.0

http://tosh.comedycentral.com/video-clips/the--150-000-tosh-0-marathon?xrs=share_copy Possibly the most entertainingly funny marathon to ever participate in.

Warriorism #4

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

-John Muir

Generation UCAN


Generation UCAN’s SuperStarch equals Super Power.  Fo sure.  More on this nutrition product in the next post.


Warriorism #3

Even if you don’t have a great brain power or physical talent, anyone can be highly successful in life and in sport by first having a vision for what you want to achieve (even if way beyond what you think you are capable of) then having unrelenting perseverance to bring that vision to a reality; to achieve that “vision!"

Vern LaMere, owner T3 MultiSport

Warriorism #2

Working hard for the sake of working hard won’t lead to results. You have to be careful of injury, train efficiently, and remember that you are training because you love to run.

- Yuki Kawauchi “citizen runner” of Japan with a marathon time of 2:08:37

What's so great about those socks?

CEP compression socks

I bought these CEP compression socks a few months ago as a recovery tool for running.  They are probably the most expensive sock you will ever buy at $60 retail.   There are a ton of options and brands out there but what is interesting about this German company is that they initally made these socks for medical reasons; for patients with varicose veins.   i got this one because it encompasses the whole foot and calf area.   Check out their link to learn more about what they claim the sock will do. 


But basically, their “medi compression” applies pressures in such a way that increases blood flow to your blood vessels and ensures proper flow back to your heart - hence more oxygen faster recovery. 

I typically wear them for a few hours following a long or intense run (though i admit i also throw them on after a 3 miler as well).  I’ve heard some people sleep in them, too.  I will say that i do feel a bit fresher and better the next day when going out for another run.  However, it really only helps the area that the sock covers - hence the calf and foot area.  But my quads are still tight and sore.  So, i checked out their site and they have another product called Clone Compression tights which are customized.  The full tight costs $289 and the thigh high costs $239.  Ouch!  but the tight encompasses the entire leg area which is what you would really need to feel “recovered.”  They are marketing this particular product toward elite athletes but i think it definitely will move into the mass market at some point.  Here is the link to the tights:  


Boy, i’d like to try these…..

Eating on the run

Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids

I am currently experimenting with nutrition products to train for the Portland Marathon.  Some goals i have in mind are to utilize my body’s fat stores efficiently, minimize GI distress, and to get faster!

I recently tried Perpetuem Solids by Hammer Nutrition on an 11 mile run on a brutally hot day.  (I had also taken two Hammer Endurance Amino Acids prior to heading out.)  It tasted horrible - a cross between horse food and chalk.  The solid is actually quite a large square so eating on the run might actually take some mastication skills especially since it doesn’t melt in your mouth like, say Gu products would (hence it keeps quite well in extreme temps and doesn’t have a time limit on stability or palatability).  There are also no refined sugars in Perpetuem Solids so that would probably explain the taste of chalk.  You absolutely need water to help break down this solid because it’s very chewy, grainy, and sticks to your teeth (and not in a good way). 

But if you can get over some of the taste issues consuming Perpetuem may have some benefits.  One of the ingredients in Perpetuem is Carnosine which acts as an acid buffer and a free radical scavenger.  It also comes in three flavors; i tried the caffe latte one because it contained caffeine.  It may also be easier on the gut without all the refined sugars to digest. 

I will say that the combination of the endurance amino acids and perpeteum helped with acid buffering (my muscles didn’t feel as cramped toward the end) and I felt really focused mentally. 

Bottom line: i think perpeteum solids are better for cycling

I’ve been reading about Generation UCAN and just ordered some products.  I am very excited. 

Warriorism #1

You cannot fulfill your dreams unless you dare to risk it all

- Unknown


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