Run Your First 5K

Event Type: 
5K (3.1 miles)
Skill Level: 
8 Weeks

How to Use This Training Plan:

This plan assumes that you are currently capable of walking thirty minutes three to four times per week and have limited running experience.  It is ideally for someone who has the goal of running a 5k continuously at a 10 min/mi to 12 min/mi pace.  The training plan occurs over the course of eight weeks.  The first three weeks begin with a run/walk emphasis to assist your body in adapting and transitioning to running continuously.  The weeks build up to workouts that consist of continuous running for given lengths of time.   Each week consists of three rest days and four workout days.  Workouts are measured by minutes not miles and are performed at a comfortable pace.  The training plan allows for plenty of flexibility as you can rearrange the workouts to fit your schedule.  

We recommend that you consult a physician before taking on a training regimen of the nature called for in this plan.